NAB 2024 Happy Hour and Party List

As you might know, NAB is not only happening during exhibition hours at NAB itself, but also for a large part at the happy hours at the end of the day and at the several events in the evenings. But figuring out all the events takes time. We made this a bit easier.

Meet us in Las Vegas at NAB 2024

The full board of the CDN Alliance will be present at the exhibition of the NAB Event in Las Vegas from 14 to 17 of April in Las Vegas, USA. It would be great to meet up with you!

Working groups launched!

The working groups Dictionary, Low Latency and Traffic Radar have been launched.

Join the CDN Community

A free community for anyone who is involved in or has an interest in Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Content Delivery. To connect, discuss, share and learn with other members around various subjects such as the industry, the market, technical developments and engineering.

Enhancing the CDN Industry

The CDN Alliance supports both the organizations and the people that are part of the CDN Industry

The Alliance

The CDN Industry is responsible for most of today’s internet traffic, touches everybody’s digital lives, and is a multi-billion dollar industry. The CDN Alliance is the global nonprofit industry association for the CDN Industry. The CDN Alliance wants to further enhance the industry by connecting organizations and people within the CDN Industry, by initiating and facilitating activities, giving better insights, and by being the face and the voice of the CDN Industry.


For the CDN Industry and CDN Community

The CDN Alliance is built to support both the organizations that are part of the CDN Industry, and the people that work in the CDN Industry as the CDN Community.


The CDN Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization with the goal to connect, support, and represent the global CDN Industry and CDN Community.

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