CDN RFx procurement guidelines

CDNs nowadays are part of every Content Provider, be it (public) broadcaster, OTT-service, online publisher or else, to ensure smooth delivery of video (and audio) content, websites, mobile apps and the security around it. In most cases this relies on multiple CDNs as well as for resilience, performance and scalability. When adding or renewing contracts with CDNs content providers often write an RFx to obtain information and/or quotes and typically with public broadcasters (especially in the EU) an RFx (Request for Information, Request for Proposal, etc.) is mandatory.

The problem is that an RFx is different per content provider and CDNs have to respond to every RFx individually. Experience has shown that CDNs also answer an RFx differently which then in turn makes it difficult for content providers to compare. This creates additional work for both the content providers and CDNs without any big benefits. Therefore the CDN Alliance is contributing, together with the likes of Akamai, G & L and BBC to the initiative of the European Broadcasting Union concerning its Procurement of Interoperable Content Delivery Networks initiative.

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