CDN and Content Delivery is used by almost everyone that has access to the Internet, yet the amount of people that are active in the field of CDN and Content Delivery is relatively small. This is why the CDN Alliance also offers the ability to request speakers or moderators at your event, webinar or related through a single source, saving you valuable time. This could be someone from the CDN Alliance related to a specific topic, or the CDN Alliance can point you to potential speakers in relation to CDN and Content Delivery on the topic of choice. As the CDN Alliance covers the whole CDN Ecosystem, speakers can be obtained from different areas within the CDN Ecosystem.

The CDN Alliance already works with several organizations in the field of Broadcast & OTT (Media) on a regular basis and is open to work with more organizations in this sector and other sectors as well. If you are interested in knowing more about our speaking capabilities, please contact us for more information.