The CDN Alliance, apart from activities such as the working groups and the events, is also active with a number of projects, either from the CDN Alliance itself or in collaboration with other organizations. Projects are typically related to individual activities which (not yet) belong to a working group or have evolved to a generic activity within the CDN Alliance, but are important to be active with. Projects can relate to any of the focus areas of the CDN Alliance: ‘Connect’, ‘Support’ and ‘Represent’ that are part of the mission statement of the CDN Alliance. Currently we have three main project running: The EU Fair Share Debate together with Political Intelligence, the CDN RFx procurement guidelines together with the EBU and the Google Chrome Cookie Depreciation together with Google.

If you are interested or want to know more about any of the projects or if you believe we should be involved in, part of or initiate a project, please contact us for more information.

Our mission

The CDN Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization with the goal to connect, support, and represent the global CDN Industry, and CDN Community.