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We are happy to announce our first Virtual Open Forum titled “Privacy initiatives by browsers and impact on CDNs”, together with Gcore and Google. This free to attend Open Forum is open for everyone that wants to know more and discuss about the new privacy features within browsers and how this will or could impact the use of CDNs. RSVP is mandatory to participate in this discussion. Already want to start discussing this topic? Then make sure you join our CDN Community and participate in the discussions already.

Event info
Title: Privacy initiatives by browsers and impact on CDNs
Date: Wednesday November 23rd
Time: 6pm-7pm CET / 12pm-1pm EST / 9am-1-am PST
Where: Zoom Meeting

Privacy initiatives by browsers and impact on CDNs

– Opening by CDN Alliance (10 mins)
—— Set boundaries and objectives of the open forum
—— Short introduction of the (joined) browser parties and their initiatives
—— Expectations on the outcome of the open forum
– Presentation by Google Chrome Team (10 mins)
– Reflection by GCore on possible impact from a CDN perspective (10min)
– Summary, Q&A and Discussion (30 mins)

To increase end-user privacy during browsing, initiatives are taking shape from the major browser vendors. Now is the time to investigate the options and the impact this might have on the CDN Industry. The initiatives all seem to lead to some sort of shielding of the end-user to protect them from passive fingerprinting. As these changes are rolled out, all resource requests will have some sort of reduced end-user information. As a result, the return values from browser interfaces will be reduced. CDNs and Web developers should prepare for reduced end-user information coming from the browser header. If a site or product relies on the end-user information (e.g. IP Address, device model, platform or full browser version), a form of separate communication (e.g. API call) should be available to compensate. Join us for an open discussion of the real impacts of these initiatives on CDNs with the Google Chrome team as a browser, Gcore team as a CDN and other industry leaders to determine possible and/or needed cooperations between browser vendors and CDNs.

– Familiarize attendees with the different browser initiatives
– Explore possible impacts and jointly prioritize by CDN impact with industry leaders
– Decide with attendees if this subject needs to be discussed in a follow up forum

Whom is this for?
This event is meant for anyone with an interest in this topic and works with or at browsers, with or at content delivery networks (CDNs) or other organizations that depend on browsers and CDNs for their day to day activities. Positions that will find this interesting will primarily be technical oriented positions like Product Manager, Product Owners, CTOs, Lead Engineers and related positions.