The CDN Alliance

The CDN Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization with the goal to connect, support, and represent the global CDN Industry, and CDN Community (its mission). The organization is dedicated to defining best practices and raising awareness about the CDN Industry. It initiates and facilitates activities to work on (global) industry challenges that further bolsters the CDN Industry in relation to bit delivery, dynamic delivery, media delivery, security and edge. It is an independent organization and therefore aims at creating an environment where these industry challenges can be addressed in a collaborative, open and safe environment.

The industry challenges that the CDN Alliance focuses on are availability, scalability, reliability, privacy, security, sustainability, interoperability, education, certification, regulations, and numerous others. The CDN Alliance also aims at being the ‘voice’ and the ‘face’ of the industry towards the industry itself as well as towards partner organizations, other industry associations, government bodies and government agencies, the press, and the general public. The goal is to create more awareness and to be the overall touchpoint for the industry, as well as to serve the interest of the CDN Industry and the CDN Community.

Our history

The CDN Alliance was born in July 2020 at a coffee table in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After questioning what organization would be able to validate the idea of a certification program for the CDN Industry, it became clear there was a bigger challenge: there was no organization that would be able to do this on behalf of the CDN Industry. After confirming that such an organization did not exist, a needs assessment began by talking with key-players in the market.

Based on expressed interest, the need for such an organization and a growing interest of organizations and individuals to participate, the CDN Alliance was incorporated on April 1st in 2021 as a non-profit foundation, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The CDN Alliance was officially launched on September 1st 2021, allowing members to join and to launch its first activities.

What we do

The CDN Alliance has created a platform to connect and bring together all organizations and individuals within the CDN Industry, as well as connecting with organizations outside the CDN Industry. The CDN Alliance initiates and facilitates activities that bring together those organizations and individuals to collaborate on industry topics and industry challenges. The type, form, number, and importance of the activities is driven by its members but guided by the board to ensure they comply with the mission and the principles of the CDN Alliance.

The CDN Alliance initiates and facilitates several activities to address  industry challenges such as, but not limited to, discussion groups, study groups, working groups, (virtual) events, networking, research and publications, evangelization, training, information sharing, knowledge sharing and others. All the activities follow the mission of CDN Alliance and will benefit the CDN Industry and CDN Community and as such the members of the CDN Alliance.

Who should join?

The CDN Alliance is built to support both the organizations that are part of the CDN Industry and the individuals that work in the CDN Industry as the CDN Community. The CDN Industry includes any organization that:

  • market and/or sell CDN services
  • deliver CDN technology (hardware, software, services, data) or CDN components used to build content delivery networks
  • play a role as part of the ecosystem of CDN services or CDN technologies, or;
  • are using CDN services or CDN technologies

The CDN Alliance is built with paid memberships from organizations who join the CDN Alliance as part of the CDN Industry and (free) memberships for individuals to become part of the CDN Community. Any organization or individual, that directly and indirectly relates to CDN services and CDN technologies, can join the CDN Alliance.

Interested in joining as an industry or an individual member?


The founding team

The founders of the CDN Alliance form a small and humble team that has worked hard ‘behind the scenes’ to make the CDN Alliance a reality. With over 40 years of experience in CDN across multiple functions and with a variety of backgrounds, the team is equipped with the experience and background to take the CDN Alliance forward. The current team exists out of:

Mark de Jong – Chairman of the Board (Linkedin)
Thijs de Zoete – Secretary of the Board (Linkedin)
Rico van Laatum – Treasurer of the Board (Linkedin)

The CDN Alliance is always on the lookout for expansion of the team and to grow the organization. Want to join and help build the CDN Alliance?


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