The CDN Alliance organizes, coordinates, and supports events that have a focus on connecting individuals and organizations within the CDN Ecosystem with each other as well as to use events as a platform to inform and educate individuals. These events are meant to create meaningful relationships as well as to inform and educate individuals and companies on relevant topics. They have been created as one of the activities that relate to the ‘Connect’ and ‘Support’ part of our mission statement.

Our mission

The CDN Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization with the goal to connect, support, and represent the global CDN Industry, and CDN Community.

Currently the CDN Alliance has developed events that focus on connecting individuals and organizations in the CDN Ecosystem with a focus in relation to OTT and Broadcast (Media). The CDN Alliance has done this through the concept of ‘CDN Alliance Connect’ and ‘CDN Alliance Meetup’ with CDN Alliance Connect focusing on network events in relation to large multi-day events like IBC in Amsterdam and NAB in Las Vegas, and CDN Alliance Meetup in relation to smaller events such as MWC in Barcelona and NAB New York in New York.

The events offered are free for visitors but are sponsored events, covering the costs of the events through sponsorships. After the very successful CDN Alliance Connect events in 2022 and 2023 at IBC, the CDN Alliance is currently expanding its events in relation to OTT and Broadcast (Media). The goal is to extend this into events that focus on informing and educating individuals as well as to extend this to other sectors as part of the CDN Ecosystem.

If you are interested in knowing more about the events or potentially sponsorship, please contact us for more information.