Google Chrome Cookie Depreciation

To increase end-user privacy during browsing, initiatives are taking shape from the major browser vendors. These initiatives all lead to shielding of the end-user to protect them from passive fingerprinting as a result of reduced end-user information coming from the browser header. As these changes are rolled out, all resource requests will have reduced end-user information which often is also used by CDNs to tailor content delivery or retransmit information back to the origin.

Google, as one of the major browser vendors with Chrome, has recognized that this can impact on how CDNs can function. They are suggesting alternative capabilities between the Chrome browser, CDNs and Origins to make it possible for certain information still to be transmitted from browsers, through CDNs towards origins. The CDN Alliance has conducted an Open Forum for feedback to the Google Chrome team and for people interested in hearing more from the Google Chrome team on this. Details of the event can be seen here. Currently the CDN Alliance has a regular call with Google to sync on this topic in terms of developments and to define new initiatives in relation to this topic.

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