Although the term and abbreviation ‘CDN’ (Content Delivery Network) is known to many, other terms and abbreviations used within the CDN Ecosystem are not that well-known and are often not described, interpreted or used in the same way. This working group specifically focuses on the terms and abbreviations used within the CDN Ecosysem.

Problem statement
CDN terms and abbreviations are being used constantly in the CDN Ecosystem in relation to, for instance but not limited to, marketing and sales material, in education and training and in relation to development and support. It is not uncommon that issues arise due to the fact that terms or abbreviations are misunderstood which can cause confusion, errors and overall impacting time and associated costs. No normalization or even standardization has taken place across the CDN Ecosystem to define clear definitions of the commonly used terms and abbreviations, partly driven by the fact that no organization took ownership of this problem.

To create a(n) (public) overview of, and clarity about, the commonly used terms and abbreviations that are used within the CDN Ecosystem, and to define a single definition of each relevant term and abbreviation within the CDN Ecosystem accordingly.

CDN Alliance – Thijs de Zoete (chair)
Tinify – Remco Koopmans (co-chair)