CDN Community

The CDN Community

The CDN Community is an initiative, set- up, facilitated, and managed by the CDN Alliance. It is a free community platform for any individual that works at or works with and/or has a generic interest in CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Content Delivery, in order for such individual to connect, discuss, support, share and learn with and from other like-minded individuals on several topics such as, but not limited to, industry, market, business, technology, engineering, research & development, insights, governance, community, and other topics.

The CDN Community acts as a community forum. It is free for anyone to join that relates to CDN and Content Delivery. Apart from the function as a forum where you can ask and answer questions, submit and find information, start, and participate in discussions, etc. It also gives the ability to connect with others and participate in online (live) events taking place within the platform. It gives access to a unique centralized place where you can find information, answers, and connections on CDN and Content Delivery you cannot find anywhere else. Sign up now and join like minded people from or related to the CDN Industry!

Why a CDN Community?

When the CDN Alliance was initially set up, the idea for the CDN Alliance was to be an industry-focused organization with only organizations to be able to connect with other organizations and to work on industry challenges collectively. During the research phase through talks with all kinds of people from the CDN Industry however, it became clear that not only the CDN Industry needed a place to come and work together, but individual people had a similar interest.  

Through those talks we got the insight that we could also add value to this part of the industry. It would be beneficial for both the CDN Industry and CDN Community to be managed and connected under a single umbrella organization. This eventually ended up being part of our mission statement: The CDN Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization with the goal to connect, support, and represent the global CDN Industry, and CDN Community.

The CDN Alliance now supports both the CDN Industry and CDN Community. The CDN Alliance however believes that having the CDN Community available under a separate name makes it more accessible and keeps the focus on the community rather than the CDN Alliance itself as an organization. The CDN Alliance facilitates and manages the platform to ensure it is and remains available.

If you have any questions about the community or want to help supporting it, always feel free to contact us.