CDN Alliance Meetup

The CDN Alliance Meetups are events that the CDN Alliance organizes, coordinates and supports with a focus on connecting individuals and organizations within the CDN Ecosystem. These events are meant to be side-events for smaller multi-day or single day conferences/exhibitions/events and have 50 to 150 individuals attending the event. The events are typically in a ‘networking’ atmosphere at a nice location and differ in detail per location. The events offered are free for visitors but are sponsored events, covering the costs of the events through sponsorships. On some occasions such events are co-hosted with other organizations.

Currently the CDN Alliance has developed events that focus on connecting individuals and organizations in the CDN Ecosystem with a focus in relation to OTT and Broadcast (Media). For 2024 the CDN Alliance is aiming to have a CDN Alliance Meetup at MWC Barcelona together with BCN Video Tech as well as NAB New York with Video Tech NYC. Sponsoring for these events is open and can be requested by contacting the CDN Alliance. Sponsoring the events is perfect for affiliation with the event and the CDN Alliance, for brand awareness and targeted marketing towards the individuals. The CDN Alliance expects to extend to other sectors as part of the CDN Ecosystem in 2025.

If you are interested or want to know more about the events or potentially sponsorship, please contact us for more information.