Backblaze joins the CDN Alliance!

We are happy to announce that Backblaze Inc. has officially joined the CDN Alliance! Backblaze is one of the fastest growing global Cloud Storage and Backup platforms, offering a wide range of services to help organizations with scalable, reliable, and cost-effective (origin) CDN storage, cloud storage, backup services and more. It already has integrations with CDNs like Fastly, Cloudflare, and Cachefly, with more CDNs joining soon.

With Backblaze joining the CDN Alliance, we extend our family of industry members with an organization that wants to cooperate and define best practices with the CDN Alliance and its fellow industry members. By working together with Backblaze and our other Industry Members, we aim to contribute in ensuring seamless and frictionless cooperation between services like those from Backblaze and with CDNs globally, big and small.

We look forward working together with Backblaze on current and new initiatives together. Interested in becoming a member too? Please contact us for more information.