The CDN Alliance announces its founding members

The CDN Alliance announces its founding members, laying the foundation of its organization to build out its presence and launch activities that will enhance the Global Content Delivery Network Industry.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 20, 2022 – Since its debut in September last year, the CDN Alliance has been able to attract its first industry members that have given the CDN Alliance its blessing and believe in its mission to connect, support and represent the Global CDN Industry and CDN Community. Today, the CDN Alliance is proud to announce its founding members that have decided to support the mission of the CDN Alliance early on.

The founding members, and thus the first Industry Members of the CDN
Alliance are: DataHop, 3Q, Axello, Nanocosmos, BENOCS, CompiraLabs, Ceeblue and NPAW.

These early Industry Members of the CDN Alliance deliver great work by supporting the CDN Alliance with the resources the CDN Alliance needs to further grow its organization, to increase the awareness of its mission, to launch its first activities, to initiate the first work groups and to extend the relationships in the industry. These Industry Members have made the CDN Alliance a reality.

“Last year we launched the CDN Alliance as an independent non-profit organization without any members to ensure its 100% independence. Now, with these members we have secured the foundation as an organization. This gives us the trust and resources to launch our activities. We are thrilled about what lies ahead of us and are very thankful for the trust and support from our founding members.” said Mark de Jong, Chairman of the CDN Alliance.

Since its public appearance, the CDN Alliance has been recognized as an organization within the CDN Industry at events like the Mile High Video and Content Delivery Summit. It has also been recognized by partner organizations and being mentioned on various forums and industry related community platforms. With more than a thousand individuals that receive regular updates on the CDN Alliance, the CDN Community is already taking shape. As a relatively young non-profit organization still in development, this is encouraging recognition.

The CDN Alliance in the meantime has built out its organization in the last few months adding crew members, formulating teams, initiating its advisory board and other work behind the scenes. This all, to ensure its activities can be launched and supported long-term. The different activities that will be launched in the upcoming months will be focused on the Industry Members of the CDN Alliance, as well as towards the Global CDN Industry and CDN Community. New activities will be made public on its website.

About the CDN Alliance

The CDN Alliance is a global independent, non-profit organization that has the goal to further enhance the CDN Industry. It is a membership-based organization, for both organizations and individuals and intended for anyone related to the CDN Industry and CDN Community. The CDN Alliance initiates and facilitates a range of activities to connect and support its members and to represent the CDN Industry to the world. For more information, please visit its website.

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