CDN Alliance recap of NAB Show 2022

Our chairman Mark de Jong attended the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, USA from 23-27 April!

What a great event! We had tons of meetings with future members, great discussions, as well as several meetups with a number of our current members that were at NAB such as nanocosmos, NPAW, Compira Labs, Ceeblue and Axello. We were able to evangelize about the needed change and need for cooperation within the CDN Industry and CDN Community. Above all we had great discussions on how the industry needs to solve the challenges the industry faces right now such as the shortage of technical people, capacity shortage and the upcoming challenges in relation to privacy and regulation.

It was great to have physical meetings again, being able to convince people in person on how we need to start working together and enhance the CDN Industry to benefit everybody that is part of it.