The Community DJ collective ‘IBC Groove Squad’ at CDN Alliance Connect

We are thrilled to announce the IBC Groove Squad at CDN Alliance Connect on September 16th @ IBC! This unique collective of 5(!) Community DJs will energize the CDN Alliance Connect 2023 event with an electrifying ambiance! On the show floor during the day and behind the decks at night, these community DJs will ensure you can network with your peers in a great ambiance. The following DJs are part of the IBC Groove Squad:

1. DJ Reelup: Nicolas Weil from AWS Elemental
2. VoiceofDoom: Dom Robinson from id3as
3. MjP: Martin Prins from Media Distillery
4. Medium: Matthew Rehrer from AWS Elemental
5. DJ Borat: Julien Roch from B-Stream

With this unique line-up, we have shown our community consists of multi-talented people and with 5 DJs they are not just only behind the decks, but also on the floor to network which is the main aim of the CDN Alliance Connect. Next to the great music of these DJs, meet industry peers, engage in networking, enjoy the buffet, have free drinks and have a blast at the bowling alleys. For all details about this event and to register (RSVP required), please visit our event page.