Huawei Cloud joins the CDN Alliance!

The CDN Alliance is welcoming its newest member: Huawei Cloud! Huawei, a well-known brand that has an extensive cloud portfolio. Huawei Cloud also offers a broad portfolio of CDN-services based on their worldwide and extensive infrastructure. Their expertise in Cloud and CDN, along with knowledge of Europe, Asia, emerging markets, and China, promises to be a great addition to the CDN Alliance and its members. We expect a fruitful collaboration that enhances both parties’ strengths.

Huawei Cloud will provide unique insights for optimizing CDN and Cloud experiences in China, Asia, and emerging markets and willing to share those insights with our members and beyond. We look forward to:

  • Learn from Huawei Cloud’s experience, expertise and insights about Europe, Asia, China and emerging markets
  • Understand the power of scale given its footprint in China and globally
  • Have insights on the power of seamless collaboration between Cloud and CDN

A warm welcome to Huawei Cloud from the CDN Alliance!