JsDelivr joins the CDN Alliance!

We are happy to announce that jsDelivr has joined the CDN Alliance! jsDelivr is best known for offering its free CDN for open source projects and the CDN Alliance is happy to support jsDelivr with the work it is doing for the developer community. As a member, jsDelivr will join as a so-called ‘NGO-member’, which is a full membership of the CDN Alliance but without a monetary contribution to the CDN Alliance. It is available for a selected number of organizations that have a non-commercial goal and contribute to the success of the CDN Industry and CDN Community.

jsDelivr is widely known in the developer community and is tightly integrated with Github and NPM. It is built as a multi-CDN on DNS-services from ClouDNS, Gcore and NS1, with support from CDNs BunnyCDN, Cloudflare, Fastly and Gcore. It is supported by a variety of organizations which can be found here. jsDelivr is also the initiator behind Globalping, an open source project that gives anyone the possibility to monitor performance of CDNs, to which the CDN Alliance believes is a project that will help to improve global content delivery. 

We look forward working together with jsDelivr on current and new initiatives together. Interested in becoming a member too? Please contact us for more information.