The CDN Alliance launches to enhance the global CDN Industry

The new non-profit organization launches to become the ‘face’ and the ‘voice’ of the Content Delivery Network Industry to further strengthen and grow this global industry, responsible for most of the global internet traffic of today.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 1, 2021 – The CDN Industry, that is seen as one of the cornerstones in powering the global internet, today witnesses the launch of the CDN Alliance. An independent non-profit organization that has the goal to connect, support and represent the CDN Industry and the organizations and individuals that are part of it and aims on becoming the ‘face’ and the ‘voice’ of the CDN Industry.

More than 50% of today’s internet traffic and the mitigation of the biggest website-attacks are all handled by CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and its underlying CDN technologies around the world. “CDNs are making sure the internet remains a safe, scalable, fast, and reliable place for businesses and people to use” said Mark de Jong, Chairman of the CDN Alliance. “Without the use of CDNs and the related CDN technologies, the internet as we know it today, would not exist”.

Although the CDN Industry is extremely important for business around the globe as well as in everybody’s digital lives, the CDN Industry was still missing an industry association to further bolster the CDN Industry. Now, with the launch of the CDN Alliance, this first step has been taken in launching a centralized platform for the industry, to start shaping the organization with and in benefit of the global CDN Industry and CDN Community and for the CDN Industry to be more accessible and visible to organizations and individuals outside of the CDN Industry.

The CDN Alliance has been setup to be focused in benefit of its members, that are part of the CDN Industry and CDN Community. It believes that current and future (global) challenges the CDN Industry faces, can only be addressed as the industry itself. Challenges such as (but not limited to) availability, scalability, reliability, privacy, security, sustainability, interoperability, education, certification, regulations, and numerous others, are industry wide topics and need to have a centralized industry organization, such as the CDN Alliance, to get those addressed. The CDN Alliance aims on creating an environment where these industry challenges can be addressed in a collaborative, open and trustworthy environment.

By bringing members together as well as in cooperation with other organisations and public bodies, the CDN Alliance is able to initiate and facilitate discussion and cooperation with all involved. To address industry challenges, to define standardization, to centralize and redistribute information and intelligence, to improve visibility of the CDN Industry, to grow the overall industry and others. This will help its members to more focus on innovation, technology developments, differentiation and supporting its customers, while common denominators and common industry challenges are being addressed within the CDN Alliance on a global scale and with the industry as a whole, saving costs and precious time of all involved.

The CDN Alliance is built based on paid memberships from organizations to join the CDN Alliance as part of the CDN Industry as well as (free) memberships for individuals to become part of the CDN Community. The CDN Alliance is open for any organization and individual, that directly and indirectly relates to CDN services and CDN technologies and will represent the full CDN ecosystem across its pillars of bit delivery, dynamic delivery, media delivery, security and edge. The member registration for organizations has opened as of today on the website of the CDN Alliance, the registration for individuals will open later in 2021, but pre-registration can be done on the website of the CDN Alliance already.

The CDN Alliance will initiate and facilitate several activities that with the target to address these industry challenges such as, but not limited to, discussion groups, study groups, working groups, (virtual) events, networking, research and publications, evangelization, training, information sharing, knowledge sharing and others. All the activities will follow the mission of CDN Alliance and should benefit the CDN Industry and CDN Community. Announcements on the activities will be published on the website of the CDN Alliance.

The CDN Alliance has officially incorporated on April 1st, 2021, by its founders Mark de Jong (Chairman), Thijs de Zoete (Secretary) and Rico van Laatum (Treasurer), together with over 40 years of experience in the CDN Industry. The CDN Alliance launched after more than a year of preparation, industry research and talks with dozens of key people from the industry, to ensure the organization is setup in a way to the benefit of the global CDN Industry and all the future members of the CDN Alliance. The preliminary research done within the industry, based on, amongst others, a questionnaire identifying industry challenges that should be addressed by the CDN Alliance. This questionnaire will also become available to the public in a few weeks to gather more intelligence on industry challenges with the results to be shared later in 2021.

About the CDN Alliance

The CDN Alliance is a global independent, non-profit industry association, that wants the CDN Industry to thrive and everyone that is part of it or makes use of it. The CDN Alliance addresses global industry challenges to further bolster the CDN Industry and is a membership-based organization for both organizations and individuals. It (co)organizes activities to address industry challenges and is working with other organizations for the same. For more information, please visit

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