Member Spotlight: IO River

 1. What inspired you to join the CDN Alliance? What special benefits or values did you like in becoming a member?

CDN Alliance is fostering a collaborative spirit within the CDN/Edge industry. This has been lacking for decades. Historically, industry leaders have operated in silos. With IO River joining the CDN Alliance, there’s a shift towards cooperation. Solutions like IO River’s Virtual Edge, developed in collaboration with existing players, aim to enhance the internet’s potential by providing more reliable, faster, and cost-effective online services.

2. In your view, what’s the biggest challenge the CDN industry is currently facing? Whether it’s about how we do business, the tech we use, or the rules we follow? How do you see your work with the CDN Alliance playing a role in tackling this challenge?

In today’s digital landscape, even minor service disruptions carry significant consequences, not to mention the effects of widespread outages. Despite the substantial investments by premium CDNs in error and failure prevention, the hard truth remains: mistakes are inevitable, and relying on a system with a single point of failure is untenable.

The cost of these mistakes is not just financial; it can also significantly impact the broader digital landscape. Premium CDNs often enter a state of ‘freeze’, avoiding risks that could lead to errors, which in turn slows down prompt advancements in the digital world.
IO River wants to reduce the dependency on a single CDN platform. The impact of single CDN outage will become significantly smaller and as a result of that the CDN platforms could speed-up their development to answer on the up to date needs of the modern online world. The CDN Alliance supports initiatives that foster more resilience like those of IO River.

IO River, adopts a unique philosophy. Instead of building our own network, we prioritize partnerships and collaboration. Understanding that no single CDN/Edge provider suits every scenario, there is a need to facilitate the integration of multiple providers to maximize Edge capabilities, providing customers with the flexibility to leverage and benefit the best of each provider. This approach optimizes costs and performance while ensuring exceptional reliability in delivering online services.

3. Could you explain the biggest challenge your products or services solve and how solving that challenge contributes to a better CDN Industry?

Nowadays, more and more companies are opting not to rely on a single vendor for CDN platforms. Yet, managing many platforms can be duplicative, complicated, and inefficient. IO River simplifies the transition to multi-CDN platforms, enabling customers to operate and achieve optimal performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. IO River offers a vendor-agnostic layer on top of many CDN platforms with zero overhead on the traffic. Our services include intelligent AI-based traffic splitting, orchestration for multi-CDN management, consistent security (WAF, Rate Limiting, etc.), optimal traffic control (like Origin Load Balancing), and unified edge computing services. We support all leading CDN providers, including Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, Edgio, AWS CloudFront, among others. Through collaboration with CDN providers and security leaders, IO River is committed to developing the most adaptable, fast, reliable, secure, and cost-effective platform for online services.


IO River is the first complete, holistic platform for managing multiple edge platforms. We guarantee that users receive the fastest, most cost-effective content served automatically via the most suitable networks for any given location, time, and type of traffic. IO River streamlines the transition to multiple Edge platforms, ensuring Five Nines (99.999%) availability, enhancing performance by up to 50%, and reducing delivery costs by up to 40%. 

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