NAB 2024 Review

NAB is over, but with the full board present at NAB this year, we made it count! It was stacked with interesting meetings. And we talked with (future) members and partners, analysts, suppliers and many more. Based on the discussions, it was our best NAB so far. We believe some exciting things will come out of it. And of course, we visited several networking events and happy hours from our published happy hour & parties list. Which was a big hit again. Not to forget our Streamers Meetup that we organized with the SVTA, which was well visited. Read that review here.

News and trends
Did we spot any news or trends? Yes, we did. Apart from cost reduction as a focus of content providers and further pressure on prices for CDN, we spotted some interesting news. Akamai explained their ‘Gecko’ project for the roll-out of its Compute/Edge platform. Edgio announced its multi-CDN solution. And the announcement of Sinclair Broadcasting with its version of ASTC 3.0. CDN offloading product, together with Edgio should not be forgotten. We also know more news is on the horizon, which we got told confidently. Based on the conversations, we believe sustainability becomes a bigger challenge for CDNs. We targeted this as something to work on actively. As well as piracy and CDN-leeching, which came back several times. The CDN market keeps moving, which is exciting!

Did you miss us?
Did you miss us at NAB, or were you unable to go to NAB but still want to chat with us? Then, make sure you set up a call with us. You can set one up here.