NovoServe joins the CDN Alliance!

The CDN Alliance is thrilled to welcome NovoServe! As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider, NovoServe brings almost a decade of experience and a commitment to innovation and sustainability in IaaS. With over 7,000 physical servers under management, NovoServe offers high-performing, scalable dedicated bare metal servers on a secure and resilient platform.

The expertise and experience of NovoServe in supporting CDNs (and already used by our members) with high-performance IaaS will give more insights on how infrastructure, which is the baseline of each CDN, are being built, scaled, managed and tuned to guarantee performance and capacity. We expect collaborating with NovoServe will help to enhance industry best practices, work on infrastructure challenges, and foster innovation and sustainability. 

Welcome aboard, NovoServe!