Press Release: The CDN Alliance announces its working groups

The CDN Alliance announces its working groups, laying the groundwork for standards, interoperability, insights, and collaboration for the CDN Industry and CDN Ecosystem

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 19, 2023 – With support of its current members, the CDN Alliance has been able to extend its activities next to its events and collaborations. Today, the CDN Alliance is proud to announce the launch of several working groups that the CDN Alliance has initiated that will further drive standards, interoperability, insights, and collaboration within the CDN Industry and CDN Ecosystem. The currently launched working groups are: ‘Dictionary’ and ‘Low Latency’ as well as the ‘Traffic Radar’ working group which the CDN Alliance founded together with a number of other organizations.

These first working groups have been initiated to focus on challenges in the CDN Industry and CDN Ecosystem, indicated by our members as well as from the CDN Industry and CDN Ecosystem itself. The working groups have prepared and launched quietly in the last couple of months and have been working extensively on their respective topics through bi-weekly meetings. The first deliverable from these working groups is expected to be available beginning 2024. More information about the working groups and activities of the CDN Alliance can be found on the website of the CDN Alliance:

“The first focus of the CDN Alliance has been to fulfil our ‘Connect’ promise as part of mission, connecting the CDN Industry and the CDN Community through the CDN Alliance Connect events, our CDN Community Platform and other activities that were important to focus on last year. With these activities being established and geared towards growth for the upcoming years, the launch of the working groups is the next exciting step building a stronger CDN Industry and CDN Ecosystem.” says Mark de Jong, Chairman of the CDN Alliance.

Since its launch the CDN Alliance is more and more recognized as the go-to organization within the CDN Industry. Especially within the last year with the developments in the CDN Industry such as, but not limited to, business movement in the CDN Market, the EU Fair Share Debate, the EU NIS2 Directive and the Cookie Depreciation that could potentially impact the CDN Industry significantly. But also because of the events the CDN Alliance has organized.

The CDN Alliance in the meantime has built out its activities, memberships, and organization as well as initiating activities and collaborations, both public and non-public. With the launch of its working groups and the current trends in the CDN Industry it expects more members to join to further extend its activities that it is planning on executing in the short- and long-term. New activities and announcements will be made public on its website.

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