QUANTEEC joins the CDN Alliance!

The CDN Alliance welcomes QUANTEEC as its newest member! The CDN Alliance welcomes QUANTEEC’s expertise in distributed (P2P) delivery for OTT and eCDN providers. The innovative solutions from QUANTEEC help tackle bandwidth challenges, and high costs due to traffic surges, reducing the current energy footprint of CDNs and optimizing them to increase their performance. Avoiding the need to create up to 50 times more servers in the future, while delivering this in a low-latency setting.

With QUANTEEC on board, the CDN Alliance is adding a member with knowledge of distributed delivery (P2P) aiming to demystify the P2P myths and prove its added value. Their membership promises to bring a great contribution to our working groups and other activities and we look forward to working together with QUANTEEC on this.