Recap of PerformanceNow() 2022

The PerformanceNow() which was held on 27-28 of October in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is a technical conference aimed at performance engineers and performance-minded people and as such the CDN Alliance was there too, represented by Thijs de Zoete from our board. 

Companies that were attending were primarily companies with a focus on business-2-consumer websites and apps in retail, e-commerce, digital marketing and related as well as companies that relate to Cloud, CDN, browses and other vendors. The event was two days of talks with in-between quick talks with other people at the event. The following talks were certainly interesting:

  • Katie Hempenius from Google Chrome – What’s new in performance?: A nice update on new functions and features from Google’s Chrome. If performance is not your main priority, this talk updated you on all the latest performance APIs.
  • Nolan Lawson from Salesforce – CSS runtime performance: A great session to learn more about CSS render performance impact. Explained simple and great examples.
  • Harry Roberts from CSS Wizardry – Optimizing Largest Contentful Paint: An in-depth talk on LCP and how to improve things. Great examples, and great to have someone explain this in human language. 🙂
  • Andy Davies from Speedcurve – Third Party Scripts: He shared a great number of tools and an even greater number of tips about how good third party scripts and their (performance/financial) can have big impact, sided with the moral question of “legitimate interest” and impact of 3rd party cookies in GDPR.
  • Alex Russel from Microsoft – The Global Baseline, 2022: By far the most humbling talk, really good to get an update of the state of global devices, networking capabilities and what you should know when you develop for “the rest of the world”. Very great if you have never seen Alex’s blog.

Next to listening to the sessions we have spoken with all kinds of companies, many of whom showed interest in the initiatives the CDN Alliance is organizing. It was great to speak with Nic Jansma from Akamai who just published his article on User Agent reduction that is in line with our own observations of the market. Also was great to speak to people from Gcore, Mozilla, Google, and ImageEngine. We hope to see you all next year!

































































































































































More importantly there was a great crowd, all connecting with each other and talking about CDN, and the speaker sessions received great feedback from both other speakers and attendees.







































































































































































The fact that everybody knew about the CDN Alliance when Mark asked the audience, was confirmation that we are on the right track. A new edition of the Content Delivery Summit is already scheduled at November 14th as part of Streaming Media West.