Traffic Radar Webinar a big success

The Traffic Radar Working Group which is working on the design of a peak capacity information exchange for content providers, CDNs, and internet connectivity providers, held a successful closed webinar on January 30. Almost 50 people joined the webinar, and the audience included a great mix of content providers, CDNs, and internet connectivity providers. The webinar was set up to explain the framework being built, get feedback on the first ideas, and get more organisations involved. As the working group currently focuses on The Netherlands, most of the organisations present were related to peak traffic in The Netherlands, both national and international, including most of the obvious national and global brands.

Why is there a Traffic Radar Working Group?

At the start of the webinar, the members of the working group were presented, and the history of how the working group started was explained. After that, one of the biggest operator groups in Europe explained their experiences with peak traffic and how they built their own system to keep track of information about common peaks to give a perspective from the real world. After, the objective was explained, and why the focus is on content providers, CDNs and internet connectivity providers together and not a single group. Given the nature of the working group, the governance was also explained as to why this had to be set up with this specific working group, followed by the explanation of the framework itself.


The audience had the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A, which was well used. Some great questions resulted in some nice discussions and insights for both the audience and the working group. During the Q&A, a number of polls were taken from the audience to get feedback, which was also directly shared with the audience. It ended with information about the next steps and how people can cooperate in this.

A lot of insights

All in all, it was a great webinar that gave a lot of insights. The idea is to organize additional webinars to keep giving updated information on where the working group is heading. The working group is looking forward to finalizing the framework and being ready to be taken into a proof-of-concept. Once it succeeds in The Netherlands, it has the potential to be rolled out internationally.

Do you want to know more?

Want to know more about the traffic radar working group, stay up-to-date on it, or consider joining it? Then please email [email protected].