Webinar about the Traffic Radar Working Group

The Traffic Radar Working Group is gearing up for its first webinar. Are you a CDN, Content Provider, or Internet Connectivity Provider? Then this might be something for you. The webinar is scheduled for January 30 from 5pm-6:30pm CET and is only accessible by invitation. The webinar will focus around the Traffic Radar Working Group that focuses on building a framework for exchange of information about peak traffic among Content Providers, CDNs, and Internet Connectivity Providers.

The agenda will encompass discussions on the structure and governance of the working group, and the framework established. Additionally, the webinar will touch upon validation processes, feedback mechanisms, and opportunities for engagement. The initial focus of the working group is to confirm the concept in the Netherlands but the ultimate goal is to establish itself as a global standard. If you have an interest in peak traffic in general and specifically in the Netherlands? Take part in the webinar! Please reach out to us at [email protected] to get an official invitation.